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  • Zelkova Larisa
    Larisa Zelkova

    As President and Chair of Board Larisa Zelkova sets strategic priorities and monitors results. From 1999 to 2014 Larisa served as General Director of the Foundation.

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  • Oracheva Oksana
    Oksana Oracheva
    General Director

    Oksana Oracheva is General Director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. She keeps strategic programs, partnerships and operations on track, fosters innovative thinking, oversees programs and projects development and is responsible for the Foundation's international activities and global partnerships.

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  • Grozovskaya Julia
    Julia Grozovskaya
    Communications Director

    Julia is responsible for managing the Foundation’s publications, internal and external communications

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  • Kumaritova Anastasia
    Anastasia Kumaritova

    Anastasia’s role involves providing daily legal support to the Foundation, contract drafting and due diligence, developing local policies of the Foundation, including Board of Directors minutes, negotiating with counterparts.

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  • Lapidus Irina
    Irina Lapidus
    Program Director

    Irina Lapidus works on Foundations's culture programs aimed to support Russian museum professionals and to make museums both active centers for local communities and significant resources for regional development.

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  • Levshina Ekaterina
    Ekaterina Levshina
    Program Director

    Ekaterina is responsible for the Foundation's programs aimed at philanthropy development. She manages Endowment Growth Strategy program and the Foundation's School project. Ekaterina also focuses on the Foundation's positioning in professional community including participation in high-profile conferences, competitions and other events.

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  • Lizicheva Yulia
    Yulia Lizicheva
    Program Director

    Yulia Lizicheva leads the Foundations’s educational programs aimed to promote highly motivated students and talented university professors. Yulia also monitors grantees ativities.

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  • Sukhenko Yulia
    Yulia Sukhenko
    Project Manager

    Yulia Sukhenko works as a project manager, assisting general director, PR & program directors with projects and programs’ implementation, including the Foundation international activities, logistics and communications.

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