2014 Financial Highlights

The Foundation’s total income in 2014 stood at 336,495 thousand rubles and comprised of two parts as follows:

335,868 thousand rubles in donations to statuary purposes including last year’s unallocated resources

627 thousand rubles in other income.

The Foundation’s statuary expenditure in 2014 totalled 291,593 thousand rubles.

Charitable activities by sector:


Types of expenditure in 2014:

71,404 thousand rubles of scholarships funding

88,724 thousand rubles of grants allocation

107,141 thousand rubles in program events expenditure.


2013 Financial Highlights

In 2013 the income of the Foundation amounted to 331,222 thousand rubles, including:

266,061 thousand rubles in donations to statutory purposes

308 thousand rubles in other income.

The Foundation’s statuary expenditure in 2013 totalled 292,109 thousand rubles.

Funds distribution















We are proud to report that in 2013:

79,494 thousand rubles devoted to scholarships programs

• grants programs volume exceeded 70,724 thousand rubles

• program events volume totalled 117,051 thousand rubles.



2012 Financial Highlights

In 2012 the income totalled 321,477 thousand rubles, and the expenditure amounted to 256,624 thousand rubles.

Funds distribution


Resources expended by type:

• 105,000 thousand rubles went to scholarships programs

• grants provision amounted to 126,519 thousand rubles

120,992 thousand rubles invested into publicly presenting museums through unique bookeditions in which scientific depth and entertaining value are combined.