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Endowments: Pro et Contra

Endowments: Pro et Contra

The Closing Conference Brings the First Results

From the date if its establishment, the Vladimir Potanin Foundation deems philanthropy development as one of the main goals of its activities. By means of its various programs, the Foundation is building trust to charitable institutions and organizations to change philanthropy environment and to develop a culture of giving in Russia. By supporting future leaders and human capital, by being open and transparent the Foundation is nurturing a generation of individuals who are involved in philanthropic activities and can contribute considerably to changing social environment with the help of their knowledge and experience.

Along with the developing philanthropy itself, the Foundation ensures the promotion of a common vision of the philanthropy strategy in the society, the strengthening of philanthropic collaboration, and the development of philanthropic infrastructure in Russia.

On June 2, 2014, the Conference "Endowments: Pro et Contra» took place in Moscow. The Conference had summarized the two-year activities under the pilot Endowment Growth Strategy Program of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation aimed to support the development of endowments in Russia. The Program had been completed in collaboration with the Donors Forum and the New Economic School. At the Conference, program participants presented the best cases, which they had developed during the frames of the Program.

The Foundation launched the Program In 2012 with the idea to promote endowments and efficient fundraising technologies in Russia and encourage wider involvement of individuals and organizations in the endowment development process. This was a pilot program constituting new ground in this sphere in Russia.

In 2013-2014 based on the projects implementation, using his personal assets Vladimir Potanin made a contribution to the  endowments  of non-for-profit organizations which took part in the Program and demonstrated real breakthrough in fundraising:

  • Tomsk State University Endowment Foundation, Tomsk
  • Penza Community Foundation “Civil Unity”, Penza
  • Ural Federal University Endowment Foudation, Yekaterinburg
  • MGIMO Endowment Foundation, Moscow
  • “Our Faculty of History” Endowment Foundation, Moscow
  • Hermitage Endowment, St Petersburg
  • Peterhof Endowment, St Petersburg  
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Program Endowment Foundation, St Petersburg State University
  • South Federal University Endowment Foundation, Rostov on Don
  • The A.M.Gorchakov School Endowment Foundation, St. Petersburg.