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First participants of the Olympic Scholarships Program received diplomas

First participants of the Olympic Scholarships Program received diplomas

On June 26, 2014 in Sochi at the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU), the first graduation ceremony took place. The graduates, who have completed their study on the Master of Sports Administration Program received their diplomas, which open for them the way to become sports managers of the highest category both on the national and international level. Russian International Olympic University celebrated the first successful steps in developing new sphere of knowledge and in bringing to life first certified specialists in the field of sports, which is gaining more and more attention and respect by all nations.

Rector of the Russian International Olympic University Lev Belousov addressed the auditory with his speech. “Today you crossed the finish line, and your path to success was not easy,” he said. “You have invested a lot of effort in your studies. We appreciate your hard work and consistency. We are very much proud of you - a great team of motivated, talented and capable people.”

Along with the University awards, twenty of the former students received the Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s Diplomas as successful fellows of the Olympic Scholarships Program. A year ago, the Foundation’s Expert Committee pronounced them the winners of the Olympic Scholarships Competition and they have received financial support from the Foundation for their study.

The Foundation is proud to have suggested scholarships to RIOU students. High quality education, such as master programs all over the world, regularly, are very expensive. The costs must cover the upper level professors and instructors, new training techniques and manuals’ development, use of new educational methodologies, etc. In the West, there exist a well-developed system of bank loans and stipends, which old and famous universities can provide to good students.

Looking for funding for study at the newly established and ambitious university, such as RIOU, was a challenge for candidates. Being fully aware of it and desiring to support both the University and talented candidates, the Vladimir Potanin Foundation in fall 2012 allocated funds and announced the Olympic Scholarships Program. The Competition was tough; the Foundation received numerous applications. The Expert Committee had chosen 20 best candidates from different countries after a several weeks’ work.

The University presented MSA program in the English language, which made it possible not only to invite a number of internationally famous professors but also to enroll students from many different countries. At the ceremony, graduates represented Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Guatemala, Uganda, Brazil, Germany, Armenia, Botswana, and other coutries.

The Executive Director of the Foundation Oksana Oracheva was present at the ceremony to congratule the graduates and to greet twenty new alumni of the Foundation’s program. They joined a large family of program participants, which is now more than 15,000 people.

A number of newly born sport managers were willing to express their words of gratitude to the Foundation. Ivan Belyaev, the graduate said that he would like to thank the Vladimir Potanin Foundation for the opportunity to get this new and unique profession. He said that all his colleagues share understanding that “the Foundation is a brand name that is known to provide support only to the best and worthy leaders. We are sure that human capital is the most important thing in doing any business. And we are proud to join the community of the Foundation’s fellows.”

As of today, the Foundation is finishing the second year competition, which will provide scholarships to new candidates, who have applied for the study. The first year has paved the way for successful development of the Olympic Scholarships Program.