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Twenty students from thirteen countries will receive Olympic Scholarship of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

Twenty students from thirteen countries will receive Olympic Scholarship of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation announced the results of the grant competition, which started in January 2014 in the framework of the Olympic Scholarships Program. The purpose of the program is to help future sports managers to get a quality professional education in the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) in Sochi. The Expert Committee has named 20 winners, which form the principle of the second year group of the Master of Sports Administration Program at RIOU (the first group graduated in June 2014).

Among the 2014-2015 Fellows, there are students from 13 countries: Afghanistan, Vanuatu, Greece, Egypt, India, Ireland, China, Colombia, Moldova, Panama, Russia, Uganda, and Ukraine. Considering candidates, the experts took into account the professional and volunteer experience, level of knowledge, English proficiency, as well as leadership potential, motivation, initiative and enthusiasm.

- This year winners continue the tradition of internationalism and openness laid by graduates of the first year. The debut of the program was very successful, we got a whole team of ambitious, energetic professionals - said Larisa Zelkova, the General Director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. - These are people who consciously choose their profession. Many of them are well aware, what worth sport records: there are champions of the Olympics and world competitions among the graduates. Education in RIOU is crucial for their future career and personal development. We hope that a year in Sochi will be as successful and productive for the new students too.

- I visited the RIOU campus in February 2014, and made my decision to participate in the Olympic Scholarships Program of the Foundation - says Amed Alberto Sanchez Robles (Panama). - Hstory is full of examples of how sport can change society for the better, and how people can acquire the habit of a healthy lifestyle. Sport can teach to deliver yourself, to develop the ability to cope with problems, and to accept new challenges, what is one of the basic values ​​in life.

Education in RIOU will begin in September 2014; the program is designed for an academic year. The instruction is in English. The course curriculum is built on the principle of "sport MBA” and includes the theory and practice of management in the field of international competition and management of sports oranizations, to ensure the functioning of major sports facilities. The participants of Olympic Scholarships will receive grants from the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, covering the tuition costs of the MSA course in RIOU, as well as a monthly stipend for the entire duration of training.