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The Museum Guide Forum

11–14 June 2015 the Vladimir Potanin Foundation holds the Museum Guide Forum, an annual event that brings together all of the Foundation’s museum programs. The Forum is organized as part of the International Festival of museums Intermuseum-2015, conducted in Moscow at the Manezh exhibition hall 11-15 June. 

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation General Director Oksana Oracheva:

  • This year for the first time the Museum Guide will be presented as a forum and not as a festival like in the previous years. For us and for our grantees participation in programs means not only financial support of projects, but we are looking for new experience, sharing ideas, opportunities for networking. This why we organize special events, and the Museum Guide Forum is our key museum event. At the Forum we will discuss program outcomes, analyze successful cases, and share best practices. One more innovation of the this Museum Guide would a special nomination of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation for the best volunteer museum service.

 The professional program of the Forum has got three major topics:

– Territories, communities, museums. Theories and practices of working with local communities

– Lost in translation: collection, research, presentation; issues of studying and maintaining museum collections

– The museum as an open public institute: publicity, accessibility as a strategy of work with communities, authorities, business structure; a separate discussion will be focused on various tools of fundraising.

All of the museum programs of the Foundation will be presented to a wider audience at the Forum. They are A Changing Museum in the Changing World, Museum Bridges, Museum Guide, Partnership program, First Publication. The Foundation will also share its practices of Endowment program applied to museum area. By tradition there will be an award ceremony for the winners of programs A Changing Museum in the Change Worldand Museum Guide. Also winners of best completed projects of the last year will be announced.

A website of the Forum will be available shortly.