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Cultural Leadership: Public Program in the State Tretyakov Gallery

In May-June 2016 the State Tretyakov Gallery (Mikhail Vrubel Hall, 10, Lavrushinsky Lane) hosts the Cultural Leadership in Modern Worldpublic discussion program, supported by the Partnership Program of the Foundation. Curators: Marina Elzesser (Tretyakov Gallery) and Svetlana Adjoubei (Academia Rossica, London). 

Cultural Leadership in Modern World is a series of 7 discussions with Russian and British cultural leaders organized in the context of Elizabeth to Victoria exhibition supported by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation with participation of Academia Rossica (London).  The portraits of outstanding British historical and cultural figures who can be referred to as “opinion leaders” of their time trigger thoughts about value, character and significance of individual efforts in nation’s development, its culture and history.

Based on the cultural leadership discourse developed in Great Britain and experience of British and Russian cultural policy experts and practitioners, the following issues would be discussed in the course of the program:

  • Who is a cultural leader nowadays and what role does he play in defining modern society values?
  • How do significance and place of the art and culture in the modern world transform?
  • What challenges do cultural leaders face today and what tools for solving pressing problems do they have?

Cultural leaders of Russia and Great Britain - Mikhail Piotrovsky, Mikhail Shvydkoy, Konstantin Ernst, Kirill Serebrennokov, Alexander Mamut, Zelfira Tregulova, Marina Loshak, Sir Ciarán Devane  (Chief Executive of the British Council), Martin Roth (Director of the Victoria andAlbert Museum), Iwona Blazwick (Director of the Whitechapel Gallery), Alistair Spalding (Director of Sadler’s Wells theater), and Nick Powell (Co-founder of the Virgin Group, Director of the National Film and Television School) -are invited to exchange opinions about interaction of culture and the state, business, religion and media.

The program is primarily designed for professional audience: heads of cultural institutions, curators, producers and art critics. Registration of participants is required.


Thursday, May 19, 19.00



Mikhail Shvydkoy, Special Envoy for International Cultural Cooperation to the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow

Sir Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive of the British Council, London


Subject: Significance of culture as a universal language in global dialogue

Cultural diplomacy – is this promotion of culture or promotion of a country? National culture and globalism – what is the dynamics of their relationships? Cultural leadership in modern world – what challenges do cultural leaders face?


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Monday, May 23, 19.00



Zelfira Tregulova, General Director of the State Tretyakov Gallery

Martin Roth, Director of the Victoria andAlbert Museum, London


Subject: Cultural institutions as leaders of social development

Putting together institutional values and their communication to the public. Who owns a museum? Who may determine museum’s life and development strategy? What are the values and mission of a museum? By definition, museums are focused on tradition preservation; how can they become social development drivers?


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Monday, June 20, 19.00



Kirill Serebrennokov, theater and film director, Art Director of the Gogol Center, Moocow

Iwona Blazwick, Director of the Whitechapel Gallery, London


Subject: Culture as a catalyst and trigger of changes

Culture as a territory of risk and experiment. Limits of freedom and responsibility. Responsibility of an artist – to whom? Censorship and self-censorship. Price of freedom.

Tuesday, June 21, 19.00



Marina Loshak, Director of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

Alistair Spalding, Director and Art Director of Sadler’s Wells theater, London


Subject: Leader within a cultural institution

Who is a leader and what is leadership? Leadership and power. How to manage creative people and how to build a team? How to manage a museum or a theater? Cultural leader and solitude. Professional solidarity.

Wednesday, June 22, 19.00



Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Tim Marlow, Director of Artistic Programmes at the Royal Academy of Arts, London


Subject: What is the value of culture in the modern society?

Is it necessary for a society to spend money on culture? Ideology and culture. Religion and culture. What is the mission of modern cultural leaders? Cultural leaders - who are they?

Monday, June 27, 19.00


Konstantin Ernst, Director General of the Channel One, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the State Tretyakov Gallery

Nick Powell, Co-founder of the Virgin Group, Director of the National Film and Television School


Subject: Culture and media – friends or foes?

How do media shape new ways of creating and consuming culture? Do they bring culture close to the audience or set them apart? Culture and pop culture competing for the audience. Does replication destroy the culture?

Tuesday, June 28, 19.00



Alexander Mamut, Director General of RAMBLER & CO, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Strelka Media, Architecture and Design Institute

Patricia Brown, President of the London Festival of Architecture, Vice-Chair of the  London Mayor’s Design Advisory Panel

Subject: Leadership in culture and leadership in business

What do they have in common, what is the difference? How does interaction between culture and business change nowadays? What is the value of culture for business? Culture as a tool for putting together corporate values and for business management. What is sponsorship - marketing or investment?