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Cards for Culture – Museum Edition is now available in Russian

Last week a Russian translation and adaptation of Cards for Culture – Museum Edition was launched at the Intermuseum festival in Moscow. Erik and Jasper visited the city to run a teaser workshop with over 80 local and regional museum and heritage professionals. The launch was a great success, and has generated lots of new insights and ideas about museum strategy development in a connected world.

The Russian edition of Cards for Culture – Museum Edition is not just a translation. The set includes four new case studies specifically aimed at Russian museums. The new case studies include the exhibition House on the large garden, which focused on storytelling with the local community of the museum, and a project that travelled along the river Volga, which encouraged museums to work together and become partners. The case studies were contributed and prepared by our local partner, the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow.

This is the first time Cards for Culture, which we launched this January, has been adapted to a specific context. Translating the game into a different language posed its own challenges, such as subtle differences in the meaning of words between languages. ‘Game’, for instance, seems to be a much more established word in a professional context in Russia than it often is in English. One of our workshop participants complimented us on the thoroughness of the translation. Спасибо!

The translation and distribution of the Russian edition of Cards for Culture is done by our partner thePolytechnic Museum and supported by the Potanin Foundation. If you are interested in adapting Cards for Culture to your language, or in making a specific version for a conference or other event, please reach out to us to discuss our licenses.

If you are interested in the Russian version of Cards for Culture – Museum Edition, please contact us and we will connect you with our partner.