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Terms and Conditions of the Museum. Dialogue International Photography Competition

  1. General Provisions

These Terms and Conditions regulate the status and procedure of the Museum. Dialogue International Photography Competition (hereafter, the Competition).

The Competition is sponsored by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation (hereinafter, the Foundation).

The executive body of the Competition is the Russian Union of Art Photographers (hereinafter, the Agent).

The Competition offers diploma and prizes to its winners to be received on condition of compliance with terms and requirements provided herein.

Competition Goals:

- to promote museums and museum programs of the innovative format;

-  to present a museum as a center of attraction for creative professionals; and

- to feature positive a social, cultural and educational impact of museum projects supported by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and its cultural programs which are A Changing Museum in the Changing World, Museum Bridges, Museum Guide, Cultural Symphony and Partnership Program.

Competition Objectives:

- to capture adaptation of museums to a dynamic modern world;

- to raise the status of the museum specialist profession; and

- to attract public to museums and their localities.

  1. Terms of the Competition

The Competition is held in the territory of the Russian Federation, Moscow. The Competition is open to both professional and amateur photographers, citizens of Russia and other countries, who present their works in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Competition. Cooperation of a photographer with a museum specialist or author of a museum project would be an asset. An exhibition of best works will be organized and a catalogue featuring works of winners and short-list nominees will be published following the results of the competition.

The entry is free; works are not reviewed and remain at the Foundation’s disposal with the right of non-commercial use without prior notice to the author. At the same time both copyright and the right to publish and exhibit the photographs remain with the author.

The Competition accepts photographs made since January 2011.

Competition Categories

Photographs of the following categories are accepted:

  1. Museum: dialogue with the neighborhood.
  2. Museum: dialogue with new audience.
  3. Museum: dialogue with a professional.

Special category: A Museum’s Selfie.

A participant may present no more than three (3) works in each category, including series of one (1) to three (3) photographs linked by a common subject or artistic idea.

Submitted photographs may be rejected on the following grounds:

– the photographs are out of the Competition line;

– low artistic or technical quality of the photographs; and

– photographs may be considered as containing elements of violence, race or religious bigotry.

Rights and Obligations of Participants

By making an entry to the Competition, a participant:

– agrees on featuring the photograph in the Foundation’s and Agent’s web-sites with a possibility to publish it in printed media, exhibit it at an exhibition within the frameworks of the Competition events, free of charge;

– confirms that he owns exclusive copyright for photographs submitted to the Competition, and that use of these photograph during the Competition does not infringe property and/or non-property rights of third parties;

– undertakes to assist in resolving claims of third parties to the Foundation resulting from publication of the photographs, and to compensate for all losses should any infringement of copyright be revealed;

– undertakes to appear in court as a third party for the defendant should third parties file legal actions against the Foundation for using a published photograph; and

– undertakes responsibility in case of claims from subjects of the photographs submitted to the Competition.

Rights and Obligations of the Foundation

By holding the Competition the Foundation:

– undertakes to mention the name of the author while publicly demonstrating works submitted to the Competition;

– undertakes to feature works in websites and social network pages of the Foundation and the Agent;

– undertakes to exhibit works in print and digital format at exhibitions of the Competition;

– has the right not to accept entries failing to meet the Competition requirements without further comments; and

– has the right to deny the winner of the Contest the prize if he breached the Terms and Conditions of the Competition or submitted required personal information untimely of incorrectly.

  1. Time Frame and Procedure of the Competition

The Competition is held on 8 June – 30 September, 2016.

Competition Stages:

08.06.2016 – 30.09.2016 – submission of entries, registration of participants. 

1.10.2016 – 5.10.2016 – Expert Council meetings, short listing.

10.10.2016 – meeting of the Competition Jury, summarizing the results of the Competition and selection  of winners.

before 30.10.2016 – announcement of Competition results.

Results of the Competition will be published on the Foundation website

  1. Application Procedure

To enter the Competition:

  • register in the Agent’s web-site in the Dialogue Competition section;
  • fill in the participation form with personal data; and
  • attach photographs for entering the Competition.

Submission of an entry will be taken to mean permission of the participant to keep and process his personal data throughout the Competition and for five years afterwards.

Requirements to the Photographs

  1. Preliminary stage

The Preliminary stage of the Competition accepts digital files containing photographs in JPG and TIFF format.

It is recommended to accompany works with the following information: category; author’s caption; exact place, time and subject of the photograph.

The works shall not have any author’s patches or added frames.

  1. Originals of works

Authors of winning works selected by the Jury for participation in the exhibitions will receive notifications asking them to submit their works complying with the following criteria: size for printing is 30х40 cm, 300 dpi, JPEG/TIFF.

Deadline for files submission is no more than 10 days upon receipt of the relevant notification.

  1. Evaluation procedure

Works selected for participation in the Competition will be published on the Foundation website.

Results of the Competition and its winners are evaluated in two stages. The Expert Council determines a short list by open vote. Winners in each category and the Grand Prix of the Competition are determined by the Jury.  

Evaluation criteria:

– conformity with the subject of the Competition;

– innovativeness of the idea and presentation mode;

– artistic level of the work; and

– technique and quality.

The Jury has the right not to award all prizes, as well as share the prizes in categories among the participants.

All short-listed participants will be honored specifically.

The winner of the popular vote will be determined following the results of e-voting in the web-sites of the Foundation and the Agent.

The winners will be notified by the Agent via e-mail at the address indicated in the registration form, within five business days of the deciding on results of the Competition.

Submission of an entry will be taken to mean acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

These terms and Conditions are effective until the closing of the Competition and may be amended, supplemented or extended by a decision of its Sponsor. All amendments are published in the web-sites of the Foundation and the Agent.

Competition Jury members

The membership of the Competition Jury is  approved by the Director General of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and is published on the Foundation’s website