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The Vladimir Potanin Foundation is accepting applications for scholarships from prospective sports managers and for grants from invited professors under the Olympic Scholarships Program, launched to promote modern approaches in sports education and train sports managers in the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU).

The Program includes two competitions. The Scholarships competition offering scholarships to future fellows of the English version of the Master of Sports Administration Program of RIOU. Prospective sports managers willing to get supplementary professional education and selected for studying in the RIOU may apply for the scholarships. The Grant competition is held for international experts and faculty - visiting professors of the Master of Sports Administration Program of RIOU.

Oksana Oracheva, Director General of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation: “The Program, launched by the Foundation on the threshold of the Olympic Games in Sochi, has proved to be successful and keeps developing. For example last year, in addition to the scholarships competition, we offered a grant competition for the faculty, thus giving the University new opportunities for attracting stars of sports education. This makes the University a unique venue teaching world-class professionals.”

Prof. Lev Belousov, Rector of ROIU:  “This year we expand the grant competition for the faculty, ensuring high quality of education in RIOU. We would be able to invite best professionals in sports management and professors from leading universities of the world. It is not surprising that the enrollment competition in our University is also quite strong. We work jointly with the Foundation for the fifth year in a row and thanks to its support representatives of more than forty countries have already received diplomas of the Master of Sports Administration.”

Currently 18 scholarship holders from 13 countries study under the Master of Sports Administration program. 20 fellows from 14 countries completed their education in academic year 2015/16.

More information about the Program and terms and conditions of the competitions

The Foundation staff provides consultations on the Program and its competitions by telephone +7 (495) 974 30 19 or e-mail