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'Museum Guide', Conference, Moscow

'Museum Guide', Conference, Moscow

The Foundation presents Museum Guide, an annual forum for culture professionals. The event takes place 25-29 May 2017 at the Moscow Manege as part of Intermuseum 2017 Festival.

The overall theme of Intermuseum 2017 is «Museum of the Future». The discussion platform presented by the Museum Guide suggests participants look at the museum in the new reality of the future and abandon various kinds of boundaries in museums’ life.

Among others the speakers’ list includes:

  • Marjo-Riitta Saloniemi, Museum Director, Vapriikki Museum Centre
  • Mark O'Neill, Head of Policy and Research, Glasgow Life
  • Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director, the Hermitage Museum
  • Nicolas Lucci-Gutnikov, Curator of the Pompidou, Centre Georges Pompidou
  • Paul Baltus, Director, Amersfoort in C
  • Paul Dujardin, Chief Executive Officer, the BOZAR
  • Zelphira Tregulova, Director General, the Tretyakov Gallery.

This is exactly what the best projects completed for the Changing Museum in a Changing World 12th programme encourage museums to do. In fact, these projects claim that a museum does not stop being a museum when constantly extending its boundaries. The walls of the houses and museum buildings can become museums (projects «Right to the City», «Monumental Palekh»). A city’s historic quarter («Uralmash») or a whole city («Communal Odyssey») can be turned into a museum. Museum is fast-moving: it can show up in different places at a different time («Logistics is Movement!»). People get a chance to enter a museum not as visitors, but as «exhibits» in their own right — the way it is done in the projects presented by teams from Yekaterinburg, Kolomna and Tomsk («Chainskoye Uprising»).

The projects above will be presented at the exhibition space. The two other locations, a discussion area and a laboratory, will host a vibrant series of professional events.

For more details, please visit the forum’s website (in Russian).