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Vladimir Potanin Made a Donation to the Tretyakov Gallery

Vladimir Potanin Made a Donation to the Tretyakov Gallery

12.06.2017, Moscow: The Tretyakov Gallery receives a gift of Erik Bulatov’s milestone work: the painting 'The picture and onlookers' was donated by the Foundation. The donation of the painting, completed 2011-2013, comes under the new museum's Art Patrons and Donors program. With this program the museum intends to replenish its collection with works by modern Russian artists XX-XXI centuries.

The ceremony was attended by Vladimir Potanin, the founder of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, Zelfira Tregoulova, the director of Tretyakov Gallery, Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister, and artist Erik Bulatov.

Zelfira Tregulova: The Tretyakov Gallery received the gift of one of the artist’s most important art works, one that is closely linked to the key painting in the history of Russian art, „The Appearance of Christ To the People“ by Alexander Ivanov, the crown jewel of our collection. My hope is that today’s gift of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation will set the stage for the further work with collectors and philanthropists and become the start of the dynamic expansion of the Gallery’s collection.

Vladimir Potanin: The Tretyakov Gallery is symbolic of both our art and philanthropy: the idea of the national museum establishment belonged to the private person. It is an honor for me to be continuing the tradition of donating artwork for public enjoyment, a tradition which was started by Pavel Tretyakov, the Gallery’s founder himself.

Erik Bulatov: My school of art was near The Tretyakov Gallery, and we visit it every longtime break. My picture in The Tretyakov Gallery is my child dream, which comes true. This gift is symbolize a new level of the cooperation between art and philanthropists.

Arkady Dvorkovich: This event symbolizes social progress in Russia. People, who have opportunity to make our life better, strive to develop museums and maintain the connection between the past, the present and the future. The Government pays attention to museums and expansion of their collections, which allow educating young generation in the best cultural traditions.