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The Vladimir Potanin Foundation will support hubs for social innovations in culture

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation will support hubs for social innovations in culture

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation announces a new competition to promote and identify successful models in culture. The competition targets establishing resource institutions in culture, able to become educational and innovation centers. This way the Foundation scales up and extends its traditional activities in support of culture, moving to a new level of quality in accordance with its new strategic priorities: interdisciplinary activities, long-term planning and result-oriented approach. 

The grant fund of the competition is RUB 100 million.

The competition is a part of the Effective Philanthropy Program and is focused on strengthening the role of cultural institutions in developing regions. 

Oksana Oracheva, the General Director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation: “We have to look for efficient solutions to address tough social challenges we face today, and the role of museums and other cultural institutions in this process is significant. They prompt people to build such important capabilities as creativity, openness and ability to take joint actions. We hope that the hubs, established under the Program, will ensure concentration and use of best practices, as well as pool resources of
various organizations. They are to become venues for asking questions and finding answers, discussing ideas and performing research. The hubs will enable cultural institutions not only to change themselves, but to influence the future of the whole sector and society at large.” 

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation supports arts and culture programs since its establishment in 1999. As a result, the museum community has made a major breakthrough: innovative approaches to museum activities became widespread, municipal and small museums more often run authentic original projects, and a professional community of museum practitioners has been shaped According to the Process Consulting Company’s research on influence of the Foundation programs in philanthropy development, higher education support and cultural initiatives development, 2015. 

The new initiative by the Foundation, in line with principles of development, accumulates knowledge, offers opportunities for professional mentoring, and opens wide access to expertise in the cultural sphere and consulting support. In the longer term, the hubs and communities around them will increase value of cultural resources and ensure sustainable social impact. 

The new competition is not the first initiative of the Foundation aimed at creating infrastructure for the whole sector – we are also accepting proposals for building Endowment Knowledge Hubs. The Foundation, supporting the model of accessible resource hub, encourages professional knowledge and, at the same time, contributes to creation of high-quality environment for efficient work of NGOs in Russia. 

Non-commercial, as well as governmental and municipal organizations may apply. For more details about the competition, please, visit the Foundation website.

Deadline for applications is 30 April 2018

The Foundation staff provides consultations by telephone +7 495 974 3017 and by e-mail