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6 April 2018 the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and Moscow School of Management Skolkovo are holding the second annual forum ENDOWMENTS 2018.

The platform for endowments development discussion, sharing best practice and shaping the common agenda was initiated by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo in 2017, when the legislation regulating the activities of endowments in Russia celebrated its 10th anniversary. This year the agenda focuses on the main challenges, which organisations interested in establishing or development of endowments, have to deal with. Among issues for discussion there is the following:

  • Risks and challenges: how to foresee and deal with them?
  • The organizational structure: where is a place for the endowment?
  • Legislative aspects: do we need new initiatives for sector development?
  • New tools and solutions: what should be different in fundraising, communications and endowment management?
  • Income distribution: where is the balance between current and future needs?
  • Endowments in different non-profits: the uniqueness of the field or the universality of the experience?
  • Managing companies: do we need to change the rules of the game?

The forum’s programme features Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation Richard Armstrong, Deputy Minister for Culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravskiy, Chief Research Fellow of Institute for Social Policy – Centre for Studies of Income Natalia Zubarevich, Director General of the President Grant Foundation Ilya Chukalin, Head of Department for Innovation Development, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Artem Shadrin, Executive Director of the Fonds de dotation de l'ICOM (ICOM Endowment Fund) Bjorn Stenvers and many others. 

This year the participants will have a unique opportunity to address experts with their questions in the ‘open microphone’ and ‘business speed dating’ formats. There will be possibilities for networking and informal communication.

The event will take place at Deworkacy space in Moscow, Bersenevskaya nab., 6, building 3, 6th floor.

Please register for attendance. Free registration is available under the link:

Contacts: /+7 (495) 974 3017


 9:30 - 10:00  | Registration. Welcome coffee

10:00 - 10:10 | Plenary session

Marat Atnashev, Rector, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Oksana Oracheva, General Director, The Vladimir Potanin Foundation

10:10 - 12:00 | Plenary discussion

Opportunities and challenges of the future. New approaches to endowments

Global challenges: what are the key economic, social and cultural development vectors in Russia and abroad?

How generations of new leaders and consumers transform commercial and nonprofit sectors

How to achieve synergy of NGOs and business community


  • Richard Armstrong, Director, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
  • Alexander Zhuravsky, Deputy Minister of Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Natalia Zubarevich, Professor, Russian Economic and Social Geography Department, MSU; Regional program Director, Independent Institute for Social Policy
  • Oksana Oracheva, General Director, Vladimir Potanin Foundation
  • Björn Stenvers, Executive Director, ICOM Endowment Fund
  • Artem Shadrin, Director of the Strategic Development and Innovations Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation


  • Svetlana Mironyuk, Professor, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Head of the Marketing and Business development Department, PwC Russia

12:00 - 12:30 | Coffee break

12:30 - 14:00 | sessions «I»

Session I.A NGO ecosystem: where is the place for endowments?

How endowments interact with associations of graduates, friend’s clubs and other institutional elements of the nonprofit sector

What are specialized endowments

Platform solutions for endowments 


  • Andrei Bushuev, Dmitry Bykadorov, Alexei Shtern, MIPT and Phystech-Union
  • Ekaterina Gerus, Executive Director, ISTOKI Endowment Fund
  • Julia Matveeva, President, VERA Hospice Charity Fund
  • Julia Ulianova (Neyaskina), Director, Legacy Endowment Foundation


  • Olga Nazaikinskaya, Head of Education Development Center, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Session I.B | Modern challenges and risks: how to respond to them?

Financial risks: how to manage them

Fundraising risks: may diversification of funding sources be a tool for uncertainty mitigation

Operational risks: what are the consequences and proactive measures of breaching accounting and reporting procedures and misuse of funds

HR risks: what is the impact of staff personal and professional development on organizational activities


  • Irina Ikonnikova, Project manager, РHILIN
  • Lyudmila Panteleeva, Head of the Institutional Clients Relations Directorate, Alfa Capital
  • Eugenie Pen, Executive Director, SPbU DEVELOPMENT Endowment Management Fund
  • Daria Buyanoiva, Director, DOBRY GOROD PETERSBURG Foundation
  • Olga Mironenko, Yury Linetsky, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO


  • Roman Sklotsky, Development Director, РHILIN

Session I.C | New tools and solutions: fundraising, communication, governance

What are the parts of a comprehensive organizational development plan

What management technologies ensure efficiency

Nostalgia as a fundraising tool


  • Alexei Matveev, Executive Director, M.A. Vrubel Museum Development Fund
  • Anatoly Semenov, Senior Manager, Academic Business Partnership Center, ITMO University
  • Björn Stenvers, Executive Director, ICOM Endowment Fund
  • Eugenia Telytsina, Executive Director, NAVSTRECHU PEREMENAM Children Welfare Social Initiatives Support Foundation  
  • Dmitry Shumansky, Head of Public Relations Department, ISTOKI Endowment Fund


  • Natalia Kaminarskaya, Director, BLAGOSFERA Center

Session I.D | Legal environment of endowments: specifics and challenges

What are the modern conflicts of law in working with endowments

How emergence of Russian testamentary trust funds will affect endowments and the sector on the whole

Why does the sector need “dormant” laws


  • Eugenia Argunova, Head of the Partnership Organizations’ Relations Group, North-Eastern Federal University
  • Dmitry Denisov, Head of the Legal Department, Elena and Gennady Timchenko Foundation
  • Anastasia Kumaritova, Director of the Legal Department, Vladimir Potanin Foundation
  • Veronica Misutina, Director, SKOLKOVO Wealth Transformation Centre


  • Ilya Chukalin, General Director, Presidential Grants for Civil Society Development Foundation

14:00 - 15:00 | Lunch

15:00 - 16:30 | sessions «II»

Session II.A | Digital opportunities and risks

How were corporate information systems transformed for the needs of NGOs

What is the history of implementation of CRM systems in NGOs and endowments

Digital exotica: risk or necessity?


  • Konstantin Astankov, Executive Director,  ITMO University Development Endowment Fund
  • Stanislav Amelchits, Project Manager, Terrasoft
  • Ruslan Usufov, Special Projects Director, Group-ib


  • Vladimir Korovkin, Head of Innovations and Digital Research, IEMS, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO


Session II.B | Income distribution: how to find a balance between the present and the future

How to select priority projects/areas of support

How frequently endowment income shall be used

What are existing restrictions on income use


  • Svetlana Dobrosolets, Director, PETERHOV SMP Endowment Fund
  • Zarema Kasabiyeva, Vice-Rector, New Economic School
  • Alexei Novoseltsev, Marina Stupnikova, HSE Endowment Fund


  • Igor Kraevsky, Director of the Strategic Partnerships Department, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO


Session II.C | Intellectual crowdsourcing: do we need new legislative initiatives for sector development? Open mike

New initiatives in legal regulation of endowments: expectations vs reality


  • Irina Tolmacheva, Head of the Research Projects and Intellectual Property Department, RANEPA


Session II.D | Management companies: do the rules of the game have to be changed? Open mike

MC: new initiatives and program of actions


  • Svetlana Lavrova, Executive Director, EUSP Endowment Fund

16:30 - 17:00 | Coffee break


17:00 - 18:00 | Business Speed Dating

Track A | Governance


  • Lyudmila Panteleeva, Head of the Institutional  Clients Relations Directorate, Alfa Capital


Track B | Social issues


  • Oleg Sharipkov, Executive Director, CIVIL UNITY Community Foundation


Track C | Culture


  • Alexei Matveev, Executive Director, M.A. Vrubel Museum Development Fund


Track D | Education


  • Marina Stupnikova, Advisor to Vice-Rector, Deputy Director, HSE Endowment Fund


Track I | Social finance


  • Juliya Grozovskaya, Communications Director, Vladimir Potanin Foundation

18:00 - 18:10 | Break

18:10 - 20:00 | Closing ceremony. CocktailDownload 

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