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The new logo

The new logo

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation, one of the first and largest private foundations in Russia, presents its new logo. The new identity of the Foundation is part of the transformation of its program activities in the light of the new strategic vision, introduced in late 2016. The new strategy is based on consolidation of efforts of creative professionals in cultural and higher education sectors to achieve synergy effects.

Oksana Oracheva, General Director: “The new logo is a collective vision of our strategy and programs. Through our new identity we wanted to reflect their comprehensive nature, complexity, dynamic and future-oriented approach. We hope that the new visualization of the brand will give additional momentum and inspiration to our partners and grantees as well as to our team in seeking new opportunities for cooperation, advancement of best practices and translating new philanthropy philosophy into actions.”

A leading brand agency, DDVB, has helped to develop a new logo and visual identity of the Foundation. Their task was to re-consider our principles and mission creatively.

The concept of the new logo implies setting up ground points and attempting to go beyond traditional frameworks. The base line of the logo is the upward vector, displaying an advanced movement of the Foundation in identifying new leaders and their breakthrough initiatives. Geometry of the logo symbolizes the victory – a positive marker and a sign of quality.

For each program its own particular color was selected within one logo. The Foundation, since its establishment in 1999, has supported hundreds of projects and initiatives, many of them are still ongoing, creating positive impact for society. The color layout reflects diversity and inter-disciplinary nature of new programs.

The new identity of the Foundation will be presented for the first time at the annual School of the Foundation, held this year in Khimki, Moscow region. The next important step is an opening of a new office of the Foundation. In July 2018 the Foundation changes its current location and the address. The old logo, used by thousands of grantees and fellows throughout their projects, will be gradually replaced by the new one in early 2019. The final step will be the opening a new website: