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New Lounge Opened in the New Tretyakov Gallery

New Lounge Opened in the New Tretyakov Gallery

25 September marked a day when the New Tretyakov Gallery, which permanent exhibition focuses on the XX century, acquired a unique space for the museum visitor. At the same time the educational website Arzamas.Academy opened an online mission of the chief national museum. The project constitute a long-term collaboration of the Tretyakov Gallery, Arzamas.Academy and the Foundation.

The Lounge is a multimedia library and a design space where visitors can immerse themselves into the world of contemporary art. Books, films and interactive exercises developed by the Arzamas Academy aim to instill people’s interest in culture and transform their experience of a traditional visit to a museum.

The lecture program developed specifically by the museum for the lounge features choreographer John Neumeier, director of Dansmuseet in Stockholm Eva-Sofi Ernstell, ballet dancer Alexey Ratmansky, Centre Pompidou director Bernard Blistène, etc.

Zelfira Tregulova, Director of the Tretyakov Gallery: “Today in the 21st century museums have no boundaries. By opening an online mission of the Tretyakov Gallery on the Arzamas website we would like to make museum accessible to everybody who are interested in arts, especially to a younger audience, who are used to concise, laconic and digital formats of learning world cultural heritage. It is crucial that these projects, innovative for the world museum area, the Tretyakov Gallery has been implementing together with such great partners as the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and Arzamas.Academy. Our long-term collaboration proves that our visions coincide, allowing us to get support for such brave and large-scale projects.

Oksana Oracheva, General Director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation: “The project is a part of a global initiative of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation to promote art of the 20th century. An opening of  Kollektsia! exhibition at the Center Pompidou following a collective gift to the museum was the first event of the initiative. The Kollektsia! prompted an ambitious Russian educational program in the museum: meetings with artists, discussions, workshops, running research activities. But only a complex story may attract success. Therefore, today we present an outcome of our collaboration with the main Russian museum and the Arzamas educational project.

Audience development and outreach activities are the top priority tasks for every cultural institution today, and the Tretyakov Gallery and Arzamas are absolute leaders and trendsetters in these practices. It was our great pleasure to join this creative experiment. While working on the new project, we were based on our previous similar experience of collaboration with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In 2014 there at the Kennedy Center the Russian Lounge was opened as an image of contemporary Russia, expressed in architecture and paintings. The new initiative is even more brave than the Russian Lounge in Washington, DC. The New Tretyakov’s building attracts a striking design solution, and the museum will start a new life within a new unlimited virtual reality. I am confident that our project will be of great adventure for thousands of people, both regular visitors of the Gallery and those who encounter the museum for the first time on the Arzamas website.”

Philipp Dzyadko, Chief Editor of the Arzamas.Academy online educational project: “Frankly, this is super-cool. Unusual, incredible and fabulous. Nobody has ever done this before – either a single museum in the world or an educational project. And now, I am sure, everybody would do this, because this is comfortable and meaningful – for the museum visitors mainly. I would call it “super-loyalty for the visitors.” Three institutions have joined their efforts to create a new format and unite two separated spaces: offline and online. It is a great joy and honor for us to create a mission of the Arzamas project at the very heart of the New Tretyakov Gallery. The Lounge transforms the museum, right in front of our eyes, into an incredible university of a new type, with an access to everyone. Soon the Lounge would become a significant place on the cultural map of the country. Readers of the Arzamas and visitors of the museum will find an affinity group here, a mission of the Arzamas website with plenty of educational materials, a lecture hall with best lectures, concerts and performances that change our vision of history of culture. They will find an outstanding library of a remarkable scholar Alexander Galushkin, with his books available for reading. This would be the place for the most exciting educational adventures in the country.”

The Lounge will become a venue for lectures and discussions on art of the 20th century. Visitors will be able to use the library with hundreds of volumes on history of art, theater and cinema. Natalia Barbiye, the interior designer who worked on the project, made a donation to the New Tretyakov and Lounge, an extraordinary part of the library of her husband, Alexander Galushkin, a Soviet literature historian. The Vladimir Potanin Foundation contributed thematic publications, including the book Russia. The 20th Century in Russian, English and French, that reveal complex content of culture and arts of the 20th century in a challenging non-standard form.

Along with the Lounge the online mission of the New Tretyakov Gallery on the Arzamas website was lunched. On the first day of the work of the online mission the new documentary series the Artist Speaks had premiere screening. Each episode of the series is devoted to a famous contemporary Russian artist whose works are exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery. The first three episodes are about Eric Bulatov, Leonid Sokov and Igor Shelkovsky. Films are based on first-hand video shorts, interviews in artists’ studios. New series about most prominent Russian artists of the 20th century will be added to the project on a regular basis.

Apart from the documentary series, the online mission of the Tretyakov Gallery offers the first season of the My Vision podcast, dedicated to Mikhail Larionov, Alexander Deineka, Geliy Korzhev and Mikhail Roginsky. Philipp Dzyadko and Kirill Golovastikov, editors of the Arzamas project, discuss key exhibits with the staff of the Tretyakov Gallery.

The online mission of the New Tretyakov Gallery on the Arzamas website will be regularly updated. A major special course on exhibition of Mikhail Larionov’s works, held in the New Tretyakov from 19 September 2018 to 20 January 2019, will be broadcasted in late October. The Arzamas special course is a part of a large-scale cultural and educational program within the frameworks of the exhibition, encompassing lectures, discussions, author-guided tours, cycles of presentations of famous choreographers and reading groups, held in the Lounge from the very moment of its opening.

The joint project with the Tretyakov Gallery and Arzamas.Academy is implemented under the auspices of the Museum without Borders program of the Foundation. The recent major projects, run by the Tretyakov Gallery with support of the Foundation are series of public discussions with international leaders on Cultural Leadership in a Modern World and a donation, given to the museum, an art work, titled The Picture and Onlookers by Eric Bulatov, a prominent showpiece of the art of the 20th century.

Arzamas in partnership and with support of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation organized a number of remarkable projects, among them The Quickest History of the Russian Art of the 20th Century.