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Museum Guide

The Program Museum Guide aims to reveal museums to larger audiences and to support those projects which can amaze museum visitors by unusual collections, infrastructure, atmosphere or fascinating exhibits. When selecting its grantees, the Program pays special attention to the virtual content, promotion of museum web sites and working with social media. The Museum Guide is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The main aim of the Program is to strengthen museums and increase their role in cultural and educational spheres. It aspires to encourage museums' openness and availability for the public, to provide incentives for new museum technologies and tools, to attract tourists to new territories and help them discover unknown museums via the Internet and in the local communities. 

The Program holds an annual grant competition giving priority to the projects which involve local communities in their activities, make museums more open to people, apply new instruments and update information technologies, thus making them more appealing to visitors. The competition is announced in two main categories: Fascinating Museums of Russia and Russian Museum Landscape Guide.

The first one focuses on promoting Russian museums in the public space and social media creating or updating museums' websites and providing their maintenance, as well as promoting museums in social networks. The winners in this category should prove their ability to develop an appealing and exciting image of their museum, provoke larger interest to it, make it better available to wider audiences and integrate museum activities with local communities making the project sustainable.

The category Russian Museum Landscape focuses on museum mapping of Russia marking historic and culturally outstanding territories to bring them to light and at the same time to involve local communities in the preservation of their cultural heritage. The competition selects winning projects based on their potential for territory development, skills to establish partnership and negotiate with local communities, business and local government agencies, professionalism and proactive approach of the team members. Successful projects make a list of historic places in the region, reach out to local residents explaining to them the aims and tasks of the project, hold educational and cultural events related to the project for local communities (lectures, meetings and discussions, school visits), create website pages with comprehensive and detailed descriptions of the selected locations on regional websites and the website of the grantee, cooperate with local agencies and land owners.

The total fund of the Program is about USD 120 000.

Divnogorie Museum Reserve, the Voronezh Region