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The Kunstkamera

Project The Kunstkamera of the Twenty-First Century: From Base of Knowledge to Dialogue of Knowledge

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Science is one of the oldest research centers in Russia and belongs to the list of particularly valuable cultural heritage objects of the peoples of the Russian Federation. The Kunstkamera simultaneously serves as a museum and as a scientific-research institution. Its invaluable ethnographic, anthropological and archeological collections are comprised of over 1.2 mln objects and reflect the cultural diversity of the world. 

The operational and development model of the institution that combines functions of a comprehensive academic center and an accessible museum laid out by Peter the Great has proven to be sustainable: the museum celebrated its three-hundred anniversary in 2014. It is back in that year when the museum launched a new project that will facilitate the high-quality transformation of museum communication.

The project intends to create an experimental media dialogue environment. The target audience consists of two active segments - visitors on the one hand, and ethnographers, ethnologists and anthropologists on the other,

The goal of the project is to provide museum communication in the form of an interactive dialogue between the two groups mentioned above in a real time and virtually through the means of modern media technologies.

The scientific-research component is placed in the center of the communication model of the project The Kunstkamera of the Twenty-First Century.During the process of systematic interpretation and popularization scientific data will be transformed into a digital content and transferred to the media environment to provide a dialogue and get feedback from the broad museum audience, both public and academic.


Schematic connection between resources and instruments
















The project is a complex of modern technological solutions consolidated in one single information dialogue environment:

- web site section with the three-dimensional virtual tour of the whole museum

- web site section with subject podcasts

- mobile application

- social networks

The project is truly innovative as it makes the mobile and cloud-computing media environment of the Kunstkamera universal and comprehensive, but yet academic by its nature. It allows the user to stay connected with the museum from any geographic location and on any gadget, and enables the museum to remain in demand for studying and understanding contemporary multicultural society.

 Africa exhibition hall with an e-kiosk and touch screen










Globe of Gottorf with multimedia