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The Polytechnic Museum: Educational Program

 In modern world museums face a shift of values and turn into multifunctional centers that play an important role in education and cultural heritage preservation, and also act as social agents by providing a variety of intellectual leisure activities. They gradually become valuable spots on culture map of a modern city by taking a leadership role in bringing together creative and professional communities. The key factor to successful development and operation of a modern museum is professionally trained museum leaders and staff. This is what the educational project of the Polytechnic Museum is about.

In 2014/2015 academic year the Polytechnic Museum with the support of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and in collaboration with the school of Cultural Studies of the department for the humanities of the Research University Higher School of Economics launched a pilot study program in the field of contemporary museum management. The following three courses taught by the professors of theReinwardt Academy have been included into the Master’s Program in Applied Cultural Studies curriculum:

  • Museology – taught for first-year graduate students from September 2014 till March 2015
  • Museums in the Digital Age – taught for second-year students in the fall semester
  • Curation in a Contemporary Museum – taught for second-year graduate students in the fall semester 

The course format includes lectures and workshops by visiting foreign specialists, practical classes and discussions with the representatives of Russian museum community. Each instructional activity is video recorded and all the materials will form the basis for the on-line additional professional education course on contemporary museum studies for the Russian museums professionals.

The project leads to the design of a new major that will become an integral part of the Master’s Program in Applied Cultural Studies consisting of core curriculum courses and electives and practical workshops, as well as research and project internships in leading museums of Moscow. This approach will enable to put in practice a long-term modern professional training program which will be totally unique for the Russian educational landscape.