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Cultural Symphony

The Program Cultural Symphony is aimed to encourage exchange and cooperation in the spheres of culture, education and art, presenting Russian cultural heritage to the overseas audience. The Program helps to shape a positive image of Russian culture shaking off long time stereotypes and cliches, expand the number of the Foundation's partners among organizations supporting culture, as well as to promote and introduce best Russian methods and tools in this sphere. The Program reaches out to renowned Russian and foreign public figures in the sphere of culture as well as NGOs presenting Russian culture to the international audience.

Among  the successful examples of the Foundation's activities which gotmed a basis for this Program are the exhibition “When Russia was speaking French: Paris-St Petersburg, 1800-1830” supported by the Foundation, which was held in 2003 in the legendary Hotel des Invalides and which presented early 19th century Russian and French art works from the Hermitage, the Kremlin museums and the State History Museum. The exhibition was dedicated to the 300 anniversary of Saint Petersburg and later that year moved to Saint Petersburg where the Hermitage hosted it. 

In September 2005 with the support of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation the exhibition RUSSIA! opened at the NYC Guggenheim. It became the most comprehensive exhibition of Russian art ever shown in the United States featuring more than 275 of the greatest masterworks of Russian art, from the thirteenth century to the present, many traveling for the first time outside Russia. The exhibition’s main aim was to showcase the contribution of Russia to the world art culture and demonstrate the special relationship between Russia and the West. 

And in May 2014 the Russian Lounge at the Kennedy Center opened its doors for the audience. The Russian Lounge was made possible thanks to the gift by Vladimir Potanin, a donation presented on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy Center, in 2011. This contribution has provided an opportunity to present American audiences with an image of contemporary Russia stepping aside from traditional historical and cultural clichés offering a unique and new vision of Russia, jointly created by architecture and painting. The Russian Lounge annually holds at least one event introducing Russian cultural heritage to the American audience.

Within thу Program the Foundation provides expert support to the activities of the Russian Lounge at the Kennedy Center and places on its website the materials on the events hosted by the Russian Lounge.