What We Do

Vladimir Potanin Fellowship Program

Vladimir Potanin Fellowship Program is now the largest project of the Foundation. It started back in 2000 as a program aimed to support goal-oriented, highly motivated students and potential leaders.

Through the years of its operation the Program has awarded more than 27 000 scholarships. Over 17 000 students from 83 universities and colleges have taken part in competitions. The Program unites and attracts grantees with a proactive approach, creativity, desire to develop themselves and to change the world and life around for the better. The Program has held 10 Summer and Winter Schools with 300 participants in each of them. Over 130 successful student projects were implemented with the Foudation’s support.

Since 2013 its focus logically shifted to master students and professors and now the program includes three main components: fellowship competition for master students, grant competition for master degree professors and a Foundation’s School for students and professor - winners of the competitions. The Program covers students and professors from over 75 leading universities of Russia and encourages partnership and cooperation between students and professors and combination of educational process with socially oriented activities, promoting changes in the educational environment, supporting the value of knowledge, professionalism, creative methods and volunteerism, fostering the development and dissemination of new teaching techniques and innovative approaches, increasing the quality of high education on a large scale.

Annually at the beginning of each academic year the Foundation also introduces the ranking of Russian universities. The research has been carried out since 2004 and has become a recognized instrument of an alternative evaluation of the educational environment in Moscow and regional high education institutions. The research is based on the results of students’ and professors’ participation in the Foundation’s educational programs.