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Olympic Scholarships Competition


The Olympic Scholarships Competition seeks to promote modern educational approaches in the area of sports administration, based on the values of the Olympic movement, in Russia and abroad. The Competition was launched by the Foundation on the threshold of the Olympic Games in Sochi to train sports managers in the Russian International Olympic University (“RIOU”).

Competition Goals

  • Contribute to activities in education, science, culture, awareness building and personal development of individuals;
  • Promote modern Russian education in the field of sports management in Russia and abroad;
  • Help forward development of modern education in the area of managing sports organizations, events and facilities, and training of high profile specialists; and
  • Foster experience exchange and advancement of best practices for training professionals in the area of sports management.

Competition Objectives

  • Offer new opportunities for professional growth and realization of academic and leadership potential to talented managers within the framework of the Master of Sports Administration Program (hereinafter, the “MSA Program”) of RIOU;
  • Select and implement into RIOU curricula the best practices in the area of sports management, i.e. cases, master classes, trainings, business games, interactive classes, etc.;
  • Establish a platform for professional experience and knowledge exchange among world renowned sports expert and for their acquaintance with Russian experience; and
  • Inform public about results of scientific and training developments in the area of sports industry.

Applications for 2019-2020 academic year will be accepted before 31 July 2019 here.

Results of the competition will be announced on 6 August 2019.

Vladimir Potanin Foundation Fellowship Program

Participants about the Program

 Ryan Brathwaite, Brabados, Fellow of the Olympic Scholarships Program:

This Master of Sports Administration program was ideal for my professional development as it offered a comprehensive look at all areas of sports management, and offered me a chance me to study international expertise in different areas of sports administration. I believe that the Scholarships Program offered by the Potanin Foundation to international students is one of the most important humanitarian efforts. It promotes development of sports on the national and international level. I came from a small country and an opportunity to advance my professional interests as a part of a multi-cultural community is extremely valuable for me.

 Lyubov Kukuryan, Russia, Fellow of the Olympic Scholarships Program:

Professors are very active and demanding, they use modern educational techniques and at the same time they have a sense of humor and great knowledge on their subjects. There are 26 people from 15 countries in my group. Every one of them is a priceless contact in my life. I believe that the MSA degree would be a powerful asset for my career in future. 



 Bayarsaikhan Ganzorig, Mongolia, Fellow of the Olympic Scholarships Program

The university campus offers students learning facilities of the highest standard as well as comfortable accommodation. Without hesitation, I consider it to be one of the best places that can provide high quality Olympic-related education, culture and professional network. I feel honored and privileged to be among the lucky few who have the opportunity to study here in Sochi with Potanin Foundation Scholarship, with the chance to learn from well-known and experienced professors. This is one of those rare opportunities that come once in people’s life.

 Christina Smith, Canada, Fellow of the Olympic Scholarships Program:

Having the chance to be immersed in a foreign land with an Olympic legacy; to be exposed to the opportunity to collaborate, exchange and be creative with university colleagues from 15 diverse nations; as well as be educated by world renowned expert professors in their fields in a world class facility, was a priceless opportunity. I hope this would permit me to bridge the gap between my Olympic past, my current voluntarism and my future aspiring pursuits. With profound gratitude I extend my sincerest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to the Potanin Foundation for the tremendous assistance and opportunity.