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Scholarships competition

The scholarships competition for fellows of the English language version of the Master of Sports Administration Program of the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) is held once a year within the frameworks of the Olympic Scholarships Program.

Competition Goals

  • Support development of modern Russian education in the area of managing sports organizations, events and facilities, and promote it in Russia and abroad; and
  • Provide assistance in teaching a new generation of sports managers for Russian and world sports movement.

Competition Objectives

  • Attract attention of talented students and sports industry managers to opportunities for professional growth and realization of academic and leadership potential;
  • Provide opportunities for supplementary education in the area of sports management in RIOU under the MSA Program; and
  • Ensure up-to-date conditions for acquiring key sports management skills, for actual use of professional knowledge at sports facilities, and for professional and career development.


Individuals, who are selected by the RIOU admission board for studying and are given a possibility to be accepted for the MSA Program of RIOU, may apply for the Competition.

How to Apply:

Applicants willing to apply for the Competition have to be first admitted to RIOU. Admission regulations, deadlines and applications rules for enrollment to RIOU, courses duration, application forms and education programs are published by RIOU on the web-site www.olympicuniversity.ru/en/web/msa-eng1Upon receipt of a decision of the RIOU admission board on selection for studying and a possibility to be accepted for the MSA Program of RIOU, an applicant gains the right to participate in the Competition. Documents have to be submitted on-line via the web-portal of the Foundation. The Foundation registers an applicant on the web-portal and e-mails him/her login details for a personal account to the address provided by RIOU. Applicants willing to participate in the Competition, have to submit the document package after official start date of the Competition - February 17 2017 and before the deadline for documents submission - July 31 2017.


Olympic Scholarships Program

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Contact Information

The Foundation personnel provide consultations on the Program and the Competition by telephone: +7 495 974 3019 and e-mail: info@fondpotanin.ru.