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The Ranking of Universities

The Vladimir Potanin Fellowship Program aims to support students and professors from leading state and private universities across Russia. It is the largest project of the Foundation: since 2000, the Program has awarded scholarships and grants to more than 26 thousand students and 2 thousand professors. The Program covers students and professors from 75 leading Russian universities.

The Program goals are: supporting goal-oriented and highly motivated students and professors; supporting innovative approaches to teaching and education, dissemination of best practices; promotion of students and professors interest to socially oriented activities and volunteerism.

The Program includes 1) the Fellowship competition for master students, 2) the Grant competition for master degree professors and 3) Foundation’s School for students and professors – winners of the competitions. The competitions are held annually, starting at the beginning of autumn and ending in spring. The Foundation’s School takes place in early July.

The Fellowship competition consists of 2 rounds:

1. Online round (based on a written application, including a motivation letter and an essay on the theme of the Master or Doctoral thesis)

2. Offline round (in the form of a series of business simulation games and special contests).

The ranking of universities-participants of the Vladimir Potanin Fellowship Program aims to provide an aggregate evaluation of the interest and achievements of students and professors of each university, participating in the Program. 

The results of Ranking 2017 are available in Russian