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Our Grantees

  • Aberdeen Sean Allister
    Aberdeen Sean Allister
    In Sochi he received his MSA diploma with honors, visited Moscow during an opening of the “Luzhniki” stadium after its reconstruction, had a successful practice with the football school “Junior” in Kazan city  read more
  • Adhiambo Sarah Susan
    Adhiambo Sarah Susan
    Susan has a number of achievements in a big tennis. During her studies in the RIOU, Susan visited national tennis centre in Moscow and managed to establish contacts with the Russian Tennis Federation.  read more
  • Alexandra Pyryaeva
    Alexandra Pyryaeva
    The project “Science for Children” was initiated by Alexandra and her friends in 2008 to popularize science among kids and is still working.   read more
  • Bayarsaikhan Ganzorig, Mongolia
    Bayarsaikhan Ganzorig, Mongolia
    2015-2016 student of Russian International Olympic University. People say no one can predict the future. But Bayarsaikhan Ganzorig thinks that if one truly believes and strives firmly towards the goal, it works. Future is what one is doing and thinking, planning right now.  read more
  • Christina Smith
    Christina Smith
    The skills of focus, determination, attention to detail, perseverance and hard work ethic that she acquired as a sportsman, has now been revived and applied in her current studies at the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU).   read more
  • Daza Roldan Juan Camilo
    Daza Roldan Juan Camilo
    President of Sambo Colombian Federation, a teacher of foreign languages, and a volunteer, Camilo came to Russia to accumulate his knowledge in sports and develop the sports industry in his home country  read more
  • De Abiego Lapuente Alberto
    De Abiego Lapuente Alberto
    While studying at the RIOU he did his internship with the academy of football club “Krasnodar” and with the Organization Committee of the Football World Cup 2018  read more
  • Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya
    Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya
    Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya, a senior researcher of the department of the Russian history of the State Hermitage Museum, was awarded the Potanin Foundation grant for this ten year research.  read more
  • James Lee Skinner
    James Lee Skinner
    Five years ago professor James Skinner was invited to teach at the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU). Newly established university and its faculty strived to attract best world experts in sports to promote dissemination of knowledge and best practices of world sports industry  read more
  • Jorge Mario Marroquín Menéndez
    Jorge Mario Marroquín Menéndez
    In summer 2013 he became a student of the Master of Sport Administration Program of Russian International Olympic University, and received a Scholarship from the Vladimir Potanin Foundation.  read more
  • Lyubov Kukuryan
    Lyubov Kukuryan
    She believes that the MSA degree would be a powerful asset for her career in the future. She plans to participate in the Russia 2018 project - holding the Football World Cup in Russia. She is confident that the knowledge gained at the RIOU would help her to realize her plans, and will be a great advantage over other candidates. This program would help her not only in the professional sphere, but also in life in general.   read more
  • Maria Bulygina
    Maria Bulygina
    In 2012 Maria Bulygina applied for the Endowment Growth Strategy Program announced by the Foundation and won the competition becoming a Program’s participant.  read more
  • Mikhail Dedinkin
    Mikhail Dedinkin
    Mikhail Dedinkin received grants from the Vladimir Potanin Foundation for a series of exhibitions that took place at the Hermitage Amsterdam Exhibition Center.  read more
  • Mugera Joseph
    Mugera Joseph
    Joseph can be considered as a fan and a professional in sports: he is passionate about football and he made sports to be his profession  read more
  • Oleg Kozaderov
    Oleg Kozaderov
    "For me, the Vladimir Potanin Foundation Programs are steps on the road towards self-improvement that help me build a strong basis for new growth, both personally and professionally".  read more
  • Pulkkanen Veera
    Pulkkanen Veera
    For more than 10 years Veera devoted her life to professional football  read more
  • Robert Kaspar: For me it is the highlight of the year, teaching abroad
    Robert Kaspar: For me it is the highlight of the year, teaching abroad
    The uniqueness of the MSA program is based on the diversity of students, who come here from all continents. For me it becomes possible that we can discuss, for instance, my field, sport tourism from African, American, Latin American, Europe and Asian perspective.  read more
  • Ryan Brathwaite, Barbados
    Ryan Brathwaite, Barbados
    The decision to participate in the Masters of Sports Administration program at the Russian International Olympic University is based on Ryan’s passion for sport and the Olympic Movement. This passion has fuelled a greater desire to gain a profound and in-depth understanding of Sport Administration and the Olympic movement.   read more
  • Sabate Lobo Ignacio Jose
    Sabate Lobo Ignacio Jose
    Ignacio achieved great results in world racquetball and continues to work in this direction as a racquetball coach with the Pan-American Sports Organization (PASO)  read more
  • Vassil Girginov: The Majority of Our Students Successfully Fulfill Themselves in Their Profession
  • Yelena Dmitrieva and Natalia Nikitina
    Yelena Dmitrieva and Natalia Nikitina
    The founders of the Museum of Forgotten Taste in Kolomna. This story began in 2008, when Yelena Dmitirieva and Natalia Nikitina won their first grants from the Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s program «A Changing Museum in a Changing World».   read more
  • Yulia Saranova
    Yulia Saranova
    Yulia Saranova, the director of the nonprofit Tver Association of Potanin’s Scholarship Holders  read more