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Robert Kaspar: For me it is the highlight of the year, teaching abroad
Robert Kaspar: For me it is the highlight of the year, teaching abroad


I have been teaching here since the very start of the University. For me it is the highlight of the year, teaching abroad. The uniqueness of the MSA program is based on the diversity of students, who come here from all continents. For me it becomes possible that we can discuss, for instance, my field, -- sport tourism from African, American, Latin American, Europe and Asian perspective.

Students are actively involved in the study process. This year they had to do two projects.

First project was with a Russian context. Students were looking at the utilization of Sochi Olympic venues, how they bring benefits for the various stakeholders. Second project, they were looking at the host cities of the FIFA World Cup and discuss the potentials of the host cities for future sports cultural business tourism. Then they had to do a major presentation, developing a sports tourism concept for a selected destination. They chose places such as Morocco, Trinidad & Tobago, Hawaii, China.

I use lectures and simulation games and I always make sure that in the end the students enhance their competence. They have to work on their own progress. They conduct not only research; they have to combine their creativity with their entrepreneurial skills. In this case, they were very good, successful, developing new sports tourism products. For instance, the group around Trinidad and Tobago created a beach soccer and football training camp, supported by complimentary events.

In my course on sports tourism I had one student from Uganda, who inspired me to think globally about opportunities, and about what we can achieve in this field in our countries. I think Russia has a huge undiscovered potential in adventure tourism, eco tourism. So Russian students and students from other countries have thought about what they can do to develop their countries through sport tourism and make it a part of their professional life. 

Prof. Robert Kaspar, sport management department, the Seeburg Castle University, Austria