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Adhiambo Sarah Susan
Adhiambo Sarah Susan

Susan has a number of achievements in a big tennis: she captained the team in Kenya Intervarsity games 2011 and East African Intervarsity games 2010, 2012. She organized public relations conferences as an officer of Public Relations Students Association. She completed MOI University with degree in communications and public relations. She implemented her management skills during sports tournaments, championships, marathons. During her studies in the RIOU, Susan visited national tennis centre in Moscow and managed to establish contacts with the Russian Tennis Federation.

“I have chosen sports career, because for me sports is a passion. I got into it without even knowing that. I decided to go to study in Russia, because Russia is a big sporting nation. Therefore, when I found an opportunity to do my sports administration studies here I decided to go for it.

What surprised me most when I came to Russia is that it is much colder, than I expected, especially in Moscow. Sochi is much warmer. It is beautiful, quiet and is the best place to go to school and the best place to live.

Honestly, you may get easily tempted because of the sea nearby, but you have to be very focused on the study program. It is like in sports you have to have excellent discipline, you have to follow the good work as much as you can. The study program at the RIOU was very tough, challenging, every week you have a new program, a new course and you have to do the same activity. Also what I like about the studies here is the quality of professors. We have the best professors from all of the fields of sports.

Now after I have completed studies here I go back to my work. I work for the Tennis Association of Kenya. I hope that in future I will work for the ITF (International Tennis Federation), I want to work internationally and be a part of the ITF team.”