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Aberdeen Sean Allister
Aberdeen Sean Allister

In his motherland, an island country, located in the Caribbean sea, Sean was an active member in a number of football clubs. He was the captain of a football team of the University of West India, which he completed with honors, having received a bachelor degree in the field of sports management. Apart from that, Sean worked as a volunteer for charity organizations, assisted orphanages, sorted out food and clothes for the needy, reconstructed houses, destroyed during natural disasters.

In Sochi he received his MSA diploma with honors, visited Moscow during an opening of the “Luzhniki” stadium after its reconstruction, had a successful practice with the football school “Junior” in Kazan city.

“My country is located far away in the Caribbean area. I wanted to pursue my MA studies. I have already received my bachelor in sports management. I came across this program on the Internet and I chose it because it is around second program in Europe for sports management. Having vague ideas about Russia I wanted to explore Russia and engage in its culture to learn about its different ethnicities and diverse cultures. When I found an opportunity to study in Russia, I took it immediately and I have never regretted about it.

First thing that surprised me was the beauty of Sochi and that it was nothing like you hear in media and also how warm and friendly are the people to the foreigners. I tried to learn the Russian language and found it very difficult. I learned that Russia is big: so many people and many republics. I visited Kazan, Tatarstan, totally different from Sochi, with completely different weather, environment.

Before I return to my home country after the studies here in Sochi, I hope to work in Europe first to apply the knowledge that I gained in the field of sports management and continue further my international development. When I return home, I will be able to apply an international perspective of sports management to have it develop in my own country.

I would like to come back to Russia. I have many Russian friends and I have plans to visit Russia constantly. I want to visit other cities, for now I have been in four cities of Russia and I would like to visit more. I feel comfortable here.”