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Daza Roldan Juan Camilo
Daza Roldan Juan Camilo

President of Sambo Colombian Federation, a teacher of foreign languages, and a volunteer, Camilo came to Russia to accumulate his knowledge in sports and develop the sports industry in his home country. While studying at the RIOU, an ambitious young man became a real media star. He took part in the project “Russia for Colombians”. His kind and friendly personality attracted not only his student peers, but young journalists from Sochi. They wrote about him a couple of stories within the project “Colorful Line.” Above all, Camilo is the voice of the Olympic park in Sochi during the Football Championship 2018.

“I have found myself in sports, because of my father. He is my mentor in sports and a wrestling coach. When I was a child he took me to the wrestling matches and that is why I started sports. I love combat sports and wrestling.

I chose Sochi and the RIOU, first, because it is a master degree program and second, because it is an Olympic university. Sochi is a very comfortable city, small, so I can get along with it. The city I come from is smaller than here. I like people here and the sea is beautiful. The most memorable for me at the RIOU was the toughness of the course. I must admit, it is very demanding.

Everything was new for me here in Sochi. My background is foreign languages and I am a teacher of foreign languages: French, German and Spanish. What I learnt here I am going to take to my home country to help people improve their knowledge.

After completing the study program here, I am planning to help the Olympic Committee for my country and in my region and I will continue to teach foreign languages.

For the new students at the RIOU I am recommending to be very attentive to the study program, to take as much information as possible, to be very diligent with works and to keep in touch with your home country peers. It gives lots of support.”