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James Lee Skinner
James Lee Skinner

Five years ago professor James Skinner was invited to teach at the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU). Newly established university and its faculty strived to attract best world experts in sports to promote dissemination of knowledge and best practices of world sports industry. Today RIOU raises the new generation of sports managers. About 200 students attended the university from 48 countries. All of these years James teaches “Methodology and research methods in sports management” and is the chair of the examination board of the university. Being a recognized expert within his field, he also serves as director of sports business institute of the University of Loughborough, London. Apart from that he has served as advisor with international and national sports organizations. His research articles have been published in top sports magazines.

“I like to live and to work here in Sochi”

“I am director of sports department, Loughborough University, London. As a visiting professor at the RIOU I teach research methods and design. When the program started about five years ago, Professor Girginov contacted me and said he was putting together Master’s program and that is why I need someone deliver research methods for the school. I have written a number of books in research methods and taught it for many years. I spoke to prof. Girginov and five years later I am still here. This is my fifth year of being at the Russian International Olympic University. I was one of the first professors.

I love my time in Sochi and I love working with the students. I have been very fortunate because I see how Sochi grow and evolve, becoming a very sophisticated bright sports city. I have been fortunate to have worked with five wonderful groups of students to see how they develop. They will be great ambassadors for the University. The fifth cohort have been very strong in terms of academics. The standard of their work and the replications are very good. Over the years we have had some excellent students. I am sure within the years to come there will be more, not only from Russia, but from other countries. I plan to continue teaching at the RIOU. My colleagues have become good friends. I have a lot of respect for the faculty. Here I enjoy my time and I think this is a great program and that is something that I want to be involved in.”