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Bayarsaikhan Ganzorig, Mongolia
Bayarsaikhan Ganzorig, Mongolia

People say no one can predict the future. But Bayarsaikhan Ganzorig thinks that if one truly believes and strives firmly towards the goal, it works. Future is what one is doing and thinking, planning right now.

In 10 years from now Bayarsaikhan sees himself as one of the most influential journalists and managers in the Mongolian sports community. He says: “I do not want to be too specific about my goals but the National Olympic Committee of Mongolia or Mongolian Football Federation is where I see myself working in 3 years from now”. In order to achieve this goal he needs to get a proper high level education from an International University. And he could not think of any other better place to get that education than a Russian International Olympic University.

“To prepare leaders for the Russian and worldwide sport industry” – this goal is the very best in the sphere of sports’ and Olympic education. His dream, will, desire and goal also match this Foundation’s mission. That is why he decided to apply for this program and considers it an invaluable step for young journalists like him, who have decided to pursue career in sports’ industry.

He is interested in every unit and elements of MSA program. There is no particular aspect of the program that he finds irrelevant. If he has to choose one particular module, it will be sports’ marketing and communications. Because this is the field where he would like to build his long-term career as communication, both verbal and nonverbal, is at the basis of everything people do and say, and is especially important in the 21st century. 

With this educational program, Russian International Olympic University is offering him not only invaluable high quality education, but also giving him a chance to meet sport professionals from all over the world who have the same ambitions and goals as himself. During his time here, he hopes to build strong professional relationship with his classmates and professors. Since all of them are building their career in the same field, he definitely hopes to meet them in coming years.

“The development of Mongolian sports industry is painfully slow. We lack professionals with knowledge and experience of sports management, administration, and organization at international level. This is perfectly clear from the sports competitions and activities organized in Mongolia. We need a new atmosphere”- he says. 

Mongolia and Russia enjoy traditionally friendly and good-neighborly relations. Russians are regarded as “Big brothers” in Mongolia. He grew up feeling fraternal attitude towards this beautiful country because his parents and grandparents often said "Russian big brothers did this, did that for us". 

So even though he has never visited Russia before, he always felt so close with Russian culture and tradition. He grew up watching Soviet and Russian movies and reading Anatoly Rybakov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Alexander Pushkin novels. One of his favorite movies was “The Diamond Arm” (“Бриллиантовая рука”) directed by Leonid Gaidai. Therefore, coming to Sochi and standing beside Yuri Nikulin’s monument was truly an amazing experience to him.

The university campus offers to students learning facilities of the highest standard as well as comfortable accommodation. Without hesitation, he considers it as one of the best places that can provide high quality Olympic related education, culture and network. 

He feels honored and privileged among the lucky-few of having the opportunity to study here in Sochi with Potanin Foundation Scholarship, with the chance to learn from well-known and experienced professors. This is one of those rare opportunities that comes once in people’s life.