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Ryan Brathwaite, Barbados
Ryan Brathwaite, Barbados

The decision to participate in the Masters of Sports Administration program at the Russian International Olympic University is based on Ryan’s passion for sport and the Olympic Movement. This passion has fuelled a greater desire to gain a profound and in-depth understanding of Sport Administration and the Olympic movement. This constant challenge of learning something new has nurtured a thirst for a greater knowledge of sport administration and for the role the Olympic movement has played in creating a global sporting event. Moreover, the opportunity to come to an Olympic city and to share in the sporting legacy created in Sochi at the Russian International Olympic University is a dream come true.

This Master of Sports Administration program was ideal for his professional development as it offered a comprehensive look at all areas of sport administration as well as exposed him to international experts from a number of different areas in sport administration. Moreover, this program would provide him with the requisite skills and tools to successfully promote and share the Olympic values and ideals. It will also allow him to continue developing his organizational and management skills which he believes would be central to his professional pursuits.  

He believes the Potanin Foundation offers scholarships to international students in one of the most humanitarian efforts he has ever experienced. This initiative of the Foundation providing scholarships to study for the MSA is something that would help the development of sport on the national and international level. Coming from a small society and being given the opportunity to advance Ryan’s career interest and to be involved in a multi-cultural experience at the Russian International Olympic University, epitomized the true values of the Olympic ideals and for him the scholarship has been very helping in facilitating this experience. The scholarship has also afforded him the prospect of engaging with international professionals in sport administration and important people in Russia and in the world. He can only say a huge “Thank you” to the Potanin Foundation for this amazing opportunity and continue to strive to achieve his goals.

Being in Sochi for the past seven weeks thus far has been an amazing and fulfilling experience. The in-depth look at the field of Sport Administration from a governance, economic, managerial and communication perspective will be very useful for his interest in working in Sport Administration. The program is also very well fashioned as it allows for the exchange and dialogue with individuals from different countries who have a passion for sport and who already are involved in sport organizations. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, the program also allows for practical application through internship opportunities, which for him becomes an important part in becoming an effective sport administrator. He is eager to forge relationship with these wonderful, dynamic individuals who he believes will help continue to spread the Olympic philosophy as well as be involved in sport administration in different countries as sport operates in a global environment and working with these individuals will be paramount in the ever changing sport community.

Sport is a constant paradigm, it has the power to become a catalyst for social change and development and is constantly evolving and adapting to new environments.  Upon completion of the MSA, he believes the skills and experience gained will allow him to excel to the point that he can seek employment opportunities within Olympic and Non-Olympic sport governing bodies as a sport administrator. His goal is to use the tools and skills acquired during his course of study to advance and contribute to the development and administration of sport, both Olympic Sport and Games Administration and the spreading of the Olympic Movement. This experience would moreover be the vehicle through which he can use his expertise and tools to contribute to the progress of sport administration as well as add to his personal growth through cultural exchange and diversity. 

Walking on the pier by the seaside in the beautiful city of Sochi and experiencing traditional Russian cuisine has been an exciting experience. The opportunity to learn the Russian language and meet the many friendly people in Sochi has made Ryan feel a sense of belonging and solidarity. He also got the opportunity to experience the mountains and encountered his first experience with snow. “I am extremely ecstatic and thrilled to be in Sochi and look forward to the many new experiences and adventures I will experience in my journey and quest to attain my goal of Masters in Sport Administration.

I once again express my sincerest gratitude and thanks to the Potanin Foundation for paving the way to experience this wonderful opportunity and making a dream of a passionate student become a reality today!!!” - he says.