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Lyubov Kukuryan
Lyubov Kukuryan

The MSA program was really attractive to Lyubov because of her desire to change the Russian sports system and bring something new, useful and progressive to it. Almost her entire life is connected with sports. She is fond of basketball, and plays at the amateur level. After graduation she worked with the women's basketball club "Dynamo" Moscow as an administrator-interpreter, where she stayed for almost four years.

At the end of 2008 she became a part of the Sochi 2014 project, which has changed her life for the better. The project provided her with an opportunity to improve her knowledge and skills and learn to apply them correctly. She also enjoyed the opportunity to get acquainted with many different people and to live in the beautiful city of Sochi for three and a half years, and to get a great experience conducting major competitions. 

In July 2014 she returned to Moscow to look for a new job, but of course, it was not easy. This project is something difficult to replace. Therefore she started looking for an educational program; she wanted to learn what she likes, what is interesting to her. Her colleague has completed the MSA program at the RIOU in the previous year, and recommended this program a lot.

Her aspirations were related primarily to the fact that this program is in English, and that students come from more than a dozen countries. This creates an excellent opportunity to consolidate the knowledge and experience gained at the Olympic Games, to structure them and then use later in life and career. And, of course, the program is very attractive because of a large number of excellent instructors, the best in business!

Unfortunately, Lyubov could not pay for this study herself, and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation Scholarship certainly was very helpful. She submitted an application in February. Months of waiting were stressful. Her happiness knew no bounds when the letter arrived with the news that she won the contest! An incredible feeling :-). She thinks that not only this scholarship, but in general, assistance to young specialists in different areas - is an excellent investment. This is what the Foundation is doing.

Now the program has entered its regular schedule. Much time and effort would be given to independent learning, reading, searching for information in the library and in the Internet. The University has all the facilities to do so with maximum comfort: the perfect equipment, library, multiple electronic resources. RIOU staff and professors are very helpful. They are active and demanding. They use modern educational techniques and at the same time they are very talented, have a sense of humor and a great knowledge of their subject.

There are 26 people from 15 countries in Lyubov’s group. They all are friendly, and everyone is interested in what happens in everyone's life 

She believes that the MSA degree would be a powerful asset for her career in the future. She plans to participate in the Russia 2018 project - holding the Football World Cup in Russia. She is confident that the knowledge gained at the RIOU would help her to realize her plans, and will be a great advantage over other candidates. This program would help her not only in the professional sphere, but also in life in general.