Who We Are
  • Collaboration
    We promote collaboration between individuals and institutions.
  • Institution- Building
    We work to strengthen educational and cultural institutions.
  • Leadership
    We support future leaders who are able to change them-selves and ready to help others. We foster the development of know- ledge, professionalism and philanthropy in Russia.
  • Transparency
    We believe in transparent and open competition, guided by independent thought leaders in each program area.
  • Impact
    We implement initiatives that address current problems and offer solutions for long-term impact.
  • Vision
    We work to promote a common vision for building strategic philanthropy in Russia, through strengthening collaboration and develop-ment of philanthropic infrastructure.
  • Individual Potential
    We encourage volunteer activity and individual creativity.
  • Human Capital
    We help to nurture active and creative professionals and to develop human capital and philanthropyin Russia.

Our mission and values

We support those who are able to change themselves and are ready to help.